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Train tickets from St. Petersburg to Sochi

Sochi, a city on the Black Sea, is known as one of Russia’s most popular resorts. Sochi attracts tourists both in summer, when they come to enjoy the warm clean sea and the beautiful scenery, and in winter, when they come to have an unforgettable time at the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort.

Up-to-date schedules and tickets from St. Petersburgto Sochiare available at

Route Information

● The distance from St. Petersburg to Sochi is approximately 2400 km, travel time - 1 day 12 hours.

● Trains depart form the Moskovsky and Ladozhsky railway stations, St. Petersburg.

● Trains to Sochi run via Russia’s major cities such as Moscow, Tula, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Novocherkassk, Rostov-on-Don, Tuapse.

Popular trains headed in the same direction

1. 479A «St. Petersburg - Sokhumi», travel time - 2 days 8 hours 33 minutes, couchette and corridor cars. The train is one of the slowest and oldest ones on offer, the tickets are fairly inexpensive.

2. 115A «St. Petersburg - Adler», standard long-distance train, travel time - 1 day 22 hours 13 minutes, couchette and corridor cars, sleepers, luxury cars, single-gender compartments.

3. 035A “St. Petersburg – Adler”. If you don’t want to waste the precious minutes of your holiday, here is the  035A bi-level branded train named Severnaya Palmira, Russian for Palmyra of the North, St. Petersburg’s poetic title. On certain dates, the one-level version runs instead. Clean comfortable compartments (including one for the staff), sleepers, one dining car. The train has heating, air conditioning, bio-toilets, comfortable stairs and video surveillance. Each compartment has mirrors, shelves and sockets. make your trip comfortable

Discover Russia with us! At you can easily find the route you need as well as the up-to-date schedule, ticket purchase takes a few minutes. We’ll email you the booking confirmation and your tickets. You can always cancel your journey.

Please be sure to have your ticket printed and your passport with you: you’ll need the documents to board. In case of any questions, contact us, we’re here to help! Have a nice trip!

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