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Branded train "Lev Tolstoy"

The night train Lev Tolstoy operates on a daily basis. The journey from Moscow to Helsinki takes about 14 hours and reverse route time is about 13 hours. The distance is 1108 km.

The train departs from Leningradsky train station in Moscow  at 11pm. On the reverse route, it departs from Helsinki at 6.23 pm and arrives in Moscow at 8.24 am.

The train composition consists of 17 new sleeping cars and 1 separate restaurant-car: 2 LUX cars, 5 first-class SV cars and 9 second-class coupe cars.

Each compartment features an individual air-conditioning system, so that the travellers can customize  comfortable temperature conditions. On the train, an audio guide is in operation and the passengers can listen to interesting facts about the sights passed by train.

Sleeping LUX car

The LUX car provides 4 two-seater compartments. Each compartment may be booked as a whole for 1 or 2 adult passengers. The width of lower bed is 110 cm, the additional upper bed is approximately 80 cm wide.

The LUX compartment features 2 lockers, table, chair, socket, TV and DVD-player, individual air-conditioning and temperature control, shower and toilet with heated floor, towels, bathrobe and hygiene kits.

At the end of car is a private bar for LUX car passengers only. You may also buy drinks and dishes from the restaurant car with the help of the car intendant.

Sleeping 1st class SV car

The 1st class SV compartment is for 2 passengers and is equipped with 2 lower beds. This type of coupe may also be booked entirely for one passenger.

The 1st class SV compartment features a table, washbasin, clothes hangers, mirror, 2 sockets, towels and travel kit, individual air-conditioning.

At the end of the car you will find 2 toilets and 1 shower cabin.

Sleeping 2nd class coupe car

This type of compartment is a little larger than the standard one. The compartment is a four-seater, but it is convertible -  if upper beds are not busy, the passengers can lift them up, turning the compartment into a two-seater compartment.

During daytime, the lower beds are used as sofas with comfortable upholstered backrest. In the middle of the backrest is a folding armrest with cup holders, so that the sofa can easily turn into 2 comfortable armchairs.

The 2nd class coupe features clothes hangers, mirror, towels, protective rim for children on the top shelf, table, washbasin, 2 sockets and an individual air-conditioning system.

At the end of the car are 2 toilets and 1 shower cabin. The ticket price includes dinner or breakfast at choice. Passengers travelling with pets are required to book the entire compartment.

Restaurant services

On board the train, the restaurant-car is located in the middle of the train composition.

The restaurant-car is equipped with modern features, at the same time it provides you with a unique and authentic atmosphere.

The restaurant-car is decorated in traditional Russian style and passengers may enjoy Russian cuisine specialities, served in a porcelain bowl.


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