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Raiway tickets to Europe on

Would you like to book a ticket from Russia to Europe and vice versa? We offer travelling by train as this way is one of the most safe and comfortable way! On our web-site you can find the routes, train descriptions and schedules, see the tickets’ price and book them just in a few minutes.  

Travel to Latvia on a comfortable train

Go to Riga on the fast train “Latvia Expresis” departing from Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Minsk with arrival to the Latvian capital. This branded train has the unique design  and consists of different car types: VIP, 1st class SV, 2nd class coupe and 3d class plazcard, restaurant-car.

The journey takes from 11 hours (with departing from Minsk) till 16 hours (with departing from Moscow).

Railway trip to France

Trains to France depart from the Belorussky railway station in Moscow. The trip will take from 1.5 (to Paris) to almost 2 days (to Nice).

  • Train Moscow - Paris.

Modern fast train has different travel classes in its composition: luxury cars, 1st (for 2 passengers) and 2nd (for 3 passengers) class cars, restaurant-car. Compartments are comfortable and cozy, so even a long trip will be pleasant!

  • Train Moscow - Nice.

Composition has 12 cars with 1 restaurant-car, 2nd class car, six 1st class SV cars, 3 luxury cars. Each compartment has air conditioning, a sink, cars are equipped with showers and bio-toilets. 

Please, take a note that you must have Schengen visa (if you are not an EU citizen) for a trip to European countries!

Fast and convenient search of railway tickets to Europe

Book train tickets from any place and from any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone)! You can choose your language and purchase tickets just in a few minutes! For boarding you need to show a home-printed ticket and your passport to a car attendant.

Do you have questions? Contact us via online-chat, e-mail or phone – our specialists will be glad to assist you!


What should I do if the payment failed?

Make sure that there are sufficient funds on your credit card. If you are sure that the funds are sufficient, please, contact your bank to find out the details (because sometimes bank may block the payment in accordance to its policy).

If you have followed these recommendations but the problem has not been fixed, please contact our customer support service for details.

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