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The train from Moscow to Yaroslavl

Part of Russia’s Golden Ring, Yaroslavl can boast a rich history and cultural heritage. Its numerous landmarks, monuments, museums, historical buildings attract thousands of tourists every year! The distance between Moscow and Yaroslavl is 280 km, and railroad is the most convenient way to cover it. You can relax, admire the scenery and have a truly enjoyable trip!

Train traffic and branded trains

A total of 55 trains run between Yaroslavl and Moscow, the average travel time is 3 to almost 6 hours depending on the train class and the number of intermediary stop. Train departure takes place around the clock, on a daily basis over a dozen trains are listed in schedules. One can board a daytime express train running between cities in the shortest possible time.

The Moscow-Yaroslavl route is also operated on a daily basis by a branded express train, travel time - ca 3.2 hours. The train makes only one intermediary stop, Rostov-Yaroslavsky, which is one of the reasons for the decrease in travel time.

The branded train has chair cars (1st and 2nd class seats), 1 corridor car and 1 staff car. Corridor car and 1st class compartment passengers are provided with bedding, blankets, meals and hygienic kits. Passengers of other rail car types can purchase the services for an extra fee, they can also order hot meals and snacks in the dining car.

Yaroslavsky railway station, Moscow, brief information

Yaroslavsky Railway Station is located in Komsomolskaya Square, Moscow near the Komsomolskaya metro station. At the railway station, passengers are offered a full range of services: information help, baggage storage, waiting room or long-term stay room accommodation, transfer arrangements, office and hygienic services, baggage delivery, there are cafes and shopping facilities.

Also, VIP-escort and baggage delivery are available. Passengers can pay to be escorted while boarding their flight as well as hire medical workers to accompany them.

Buy train tickets from  Moscow to Yaroslavl online

To book a train ticket, you just need to specify in the filter at the top of the page the desired departure and arrival dates, the number of passengers and the route’s endpoints.  The system will show you all trains on offer matching your search request. You will only have to pick the most convenient ticket option, book it and make payment. We will send your tickets to the email address specified in your request. Before the trip, you have to print the tickets and present them to the conductor along with your passport when boarding the train.

What does e-registration mean?

E-registration allows you to board the train with your passport and home-printed ticket.

E-registration is available for trains running through the territory of Russia and some international trains arriving at / departing from Russia.

When you book tickets on our website, e-registration is completed automatically.

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