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The train form Moscow to Volgograd

One of Russia’s largest cities, Volgogradis renowned for its rich cultural heritage and highly developed heavy and chemical industries. Among the city’s most famous cultural venues are the Flour Mill Ruins, the Hall of Military Glory, the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex as well as the unique Old Sarepta. Volgogradhas multiple theaters, museums, concert halls, restaurants, cafés and clubs to entertain every guest in a manner they may prefer.

To travel from Moscow to Volgograd, the passenger will have to travel a distance of 1128 kilometers onboard the train, which is a rather difficult journey to make by car or by bus, owing to the vast distance and various inconveniences brought about by spending long hours in a seated position. Railway is the most convenient, safe and fascinating way to travel to Volgograd. You can relax, have a sleep, have your breakfast and enjoy the breathtaking views. This will make your journey of about 22 hours pleasant and comfortable!

Details on the "Moscow-Volgograd" route

A total of 22 trains run between the cities. They depart from the Paveletsky railway station. Many offer flexible pricing. The system was introduced so that ticket prices for corridor cars, sleepers or luxury cars could only slightly exceed ticket prices for couchette cars. 
The most popular train on the route is the train named Volgograd. Making just a few intermediary stops, it covers the distance between Moscow and Volgograd in just 18 hours. It has 11 corridor cars, 5 couchette cars, 2 sleepers, 1 staff car with spaces for people with special needs and 1 dining car. Every car has a bio-toilet, LED lighting and electronic info-boards showing the time, current stop and the next one, temperature outside the train. On top of the standard services, sleeper passengers are offered hot meals, towels, slippers and the press.

Paveletsky railway station: departure point

Located in Paveletskaya Square, Moscow, the Paveletsky railway station is under the purview of the Regional railway station directorate. It has a total of 9 high platforms – 1 on-shore platform, 8 island platforms – where passengers are picked up or set down. It also has 12 dead-end sidings, 11 of them for passenger trains. Apart from suburban and intercity trains, the station has a terminal for boarding airport rail link services which arrive on tracks 5 – 9. 
The station offers car parking spaces, accommodation in waiting rooms, transfer arrangements, information help as well as multiple hygiene-related, office and financial service options. The station also offers VIP escort from the parking space to the coach or vice versa with baggage delivery, waiting room accommodation, ticket printing, information help, hiring a health worker to accompany the customer etc.

How to order a ticket from Moscow to Volgograd?

You can book your ticket in advance on our website!
In the filter at the top of the page, you just have to specify the departure and arrival dates and the number of passengers. The system will present all trains matching your search request. Then, you will just have to book the tickets and make payment. We will email you the e-tickets. You will have to print the tickets and show them along with the passport to the conductor when boarding. Our website also offers prices and descriptions of trains, stations and routes in a language you may prefer!

How can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation in your client area on this web-site. You should log in, select the order you want to cancel and select the appropriate option cancellation. You can also send an e-mail with request to cancel your order. Please, do not forget to read the rules of cancellation policy before confirmation of your  request. We accept cancellation requests not later than 3 working days before your departure date.

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