one way
Round trip
Adult 10+ years
children5-10 yearswith separate place
infants0-4 YearsNo separate place

Double-decker train

New branded double-decker train number 005A / 006A runs on the route Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow starting from February 1, 2015. This is an overnight train with convenient schedule.

Travel time is about 7 hours 55 minutes..

Eco-friendly double-decker cars are built using new technologies, equipment and materials.

1st floor – seats 1 – 32, 2nd floor – seats 81 – 112. Lower beds have odd numbers (1,3, 5…), upper beds have even numbers (2,4,6…)

The train is equipped with:

  • air conditioning and heating;
  • 3 toilets per each car;
  • comfortable stairways with handrails;
  • energy-saving LED lights;
  • in staff car compartment for disabled passengers is available.

Ticket price includes: bed linen, water, travel set.

For additional payment passengers may order meal, souvenirs and some other goods.


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