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Railway tickets on the direction "Moscow – Saint Petersburg"

One of the most popular destinations in Russia is “Moscow-St. Petersburg” route. For transport connection between two cities approximately 50 trains departs every day! The way to St. Petersburg can take from 3 hours 46 minutes to 10 hours: travel time depends on the selected train. Trains arrive at Moskovsky and Ladozhsky Railway Stations.
Trip price is affected by departure date, train and carriage types. You can find out tickets’ prices on our website: near each train there is the initial trip cost.

Trains on the route

Several train types are available: passenger, fast, branded, high-speed trains.

  • Standard passenger train has a low speed (less than 50 km / h), it stops at almost all stations along the route.
  • Fast passenger trains stop only at large stations, and stops are shorter while traveling on standard passenger train.
  • High-speed trains run at speeds of 140 to 250 km / h, this is the fastest way to reach your destination.

If the train has its name, unique style, increased comfort level, then this is so-called brand train.

The most convenient options

Night trains are quite popular: during the trip passengers can relax in comfortable cars. The fastest and most convenient solution is high-speed train Sapsan, which runs about 4 hours. Also you can note the branded trains - "Grand Express", "Red Arrow", "Lev Tolstoy" and others. Each of these trains has increased comfort level, own unique interior style and conductors forms.
Choose your option and start your trip! While boarding a train you will need your passport and ticket, do not forget to print it!

Train tickets on easy to book, easy to use!

Book train tickets from any place with no difficulties: our search is simple and understandable for residents and for guests of the country! On our website you will find train timetable on the route "Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow", train descriptions in your native language or in English, and you can also order a transfer service in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Travel with comfort together with!


How should I use my train ticket?

Most train tickets in Russia are electronic tickets. You only need to print the tickets on a standard printer (at home or in the hotel you are staying) and show printed tickets and your passport to the car attendant when boarding the train.

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