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High-speed train "Latvias Expressis"

We offer to buy tickets for the branded train "Latvijas Expressis", where you can get from Moscow to the capital of Latvia - Riga, and back. Departure from Moscow is from the Rizhsky Railway station, from Riga - from the Railway station Riga-Pasazhieru. The journey will take a little more than 16 hours, you will overcome 922 kilometers of the way. Remember that you will need a passport for the trip!

Wagons “Latvijas Expressis”

There are several wagon types in train composition: common, couchette, coupe, male and female coupe, luxury car (SV), soft car, restaurant car. The sleeping car has an air conditioner and LCD monitors, passengers are offered fresh press, water in bottles, cookies and a travel kit. This is a great option for passengers who prefer travelling in comfort.

Book train ticket for branded train “Latvijas Expressis”

On, you will see the current schedule for the route Moscow-Riga, get acquainted with the prices and be able to buy a ticket online. Look for the best solution in your language, pay for the trip easily and quickly, and if you have changed plans, you can always cancel everything in your account. For boarding, take a passport and a printed ticket.

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