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Buy train tickets from Moscow to Kaliningrad online

The distance between Moscow and Kaliningrad is 1285 km, which is quite a lot - passengers spend a little over twenty hours onboard the train which crosses the Russian border twice. The route is operated by the "Yantar" train with its Mediterranean-style interior. It used to have the blue and yellow color theme - blue for the Baltic seaside and yellow for amber, which Kaliningrad is lauded for. Although the set of colors has been changed to a standard one, the interior style has remained intact.

Details on the train from Moscow to Kaliningrad

"Yantar" has been running since 1964 and has preserved its unique style up to this day. One of its key features is visa support for passengers traveling through Lithuania, it is the only train that allows for a simplified procedure for crossing the Russia – Lithuania border. The train runs every day all the year round. It departs from the Belorussky railway station, Moscow and arrives at Kaliningrad-Passazhirsky station, Kaliningrad.

"Yantar" has 16 rail cars:

  • 1 superior sleeper;
  • 6 standard corridor cars;
  • 1 for passengers with special needs;
  • 7 couchette cars;
  • 1 dining car.

The dining car is worth a special mention. It offers a rich menu with every kind of hot dishes, hot and cold snacks and drinks included. Passengers can have their meals at a salon table or have them delivered to their compartment or sleeper. You can also pre-order a meal via the train’s e-mail.

Online purchase of tickets from Moscow to Kaliningrad

Want to travel from Moscow to Kaliningrad? Our website offers tickets purchasable in just a few minutes! You just have to choose the departure and arrival dates, specify the number of adult passengers and minors, choose the departure and arrival points and make payment. We will email you the e-tickets. You will have to print the tickets and show them along with the passport when boarding. Our website also offers prices as well as train, route and station descriptions in a language you know. You can book a transfer or an airport rail link service here.

What should I do if the payment failed?

Make sure that there are sufficient funds on your credit card. If you are sure that the funds are sufficient, please, contact your bank to find out the details (because sometimes bank may block the payment in accordance to its policy).

If you have followed these recommendations but the problem has not been fixed, please contact our customer support service for details.

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