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Book train tickets «Moscow - Bryansk»

The total length of the railway route from Moscow to Bryansk is 388 kilometers, the average travel time is 6 hours 4 minutes. There are 31 trains on the route in total. Departure from Moscow is from the Kievsky and the Belorussky railway stations.

Information about the main trains of the route

There are six branded trains on the route:

  • «Volyn» - 077М;
  • «Kiev» - 033 М;
  • «Ukraine» - 005Я;
  • «Odessa» - 023М;
  • «Ivan Paristy» - 099Ч;
  • «Moscow-Khmelnitsky» - 055М.

The following trains are also very popular:

  • 739А. Day train is equipped with a large number of seats, as well as coupe and SV cars. The train has air conditioning, a buffet and a restaurant.
  • 737А. Day train with sitting, coupe and SV cars and a restaurant-car in the composition.
  • 741В. The fast train spends 4 hours and 8 minutes on the way, passengers are accommodated on the seats, in  coupe compartments or SV carriages.
  • 107М. Standard train with places for sitting, couchette, coupe and SV cars.

Book train tickets from Moscow to Bryansk

You just need to select the direction, departure date and number of passengers in the search filter - we will find the nearest available departures for you. After payment, you will receive electronic tickets, you should print them and present to the conductor while boarding the train.

What should I do if the payment failed?

Make sure that there are sufficient funds on your credit card. If you are sure that the funds are sufficient, please, contact your bank to find out the details (because sometimes bank may block the payment in accordance to its policy).

If you have followed these recommendations but the problem has not been fixed, please contact our customer support service for details.

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