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Popular destinations

Tickets to all popular routes

Are you going to travel? On the web-site you can find and book railway tickets for all popular routes on the territory of the Russian Federation!

Domestic routes

  • Moscow – Saint Petersburg. The route connects two cultural, business and tourist centers of Russia, two capitals: Saint Petersburg was the capital of the Russian state till 1918.
  • Moscow - Vladivostok. One of the longest and most beautiful routes in Russia: the whole way is more than 9000 kilometers.

International routes

  • Saint Petersburg - Helsinki. Trips to the amazing capital of Finland.
  • Travel to Riga (Moscow – Riga - Moscow; Saint Petersburg – Riga – Saint Petersburg; Minsk – Riga - Minsk).
  • Departures to France. Choose the route to the most popular country in Western Europe: Moscow - Nice; Moscow - Paris.

Attention, if you are not a citizen of European Union, you must have Schengen visa!

Trains across popular destinations

You can choose a trip on a comfortable train! The speed depends on train type and number of stops on the route. The journey time will be indicated next to train.

Branded trains

Travelling on branded trains such as "Red Arrow", "Grand Express", "Rossiya", "Lev Tolstoy" and others is in great demand in Russia. Branded trains are the trains with high level of service and wide range of options, with unique carriage interior and conductors form.

Convenient search of Russian railway tickets in your native language

Book your railway ticket quickly and simply: any device + internet access + a few clicks – tickets will be sent to your e-mail! You need to show passport and printed ticket to the car attendant while boarding.

On the web-site you can also find tickets’ price, train description and timetable in your native language, order transfer or Aeroexpress ticket (from airport to Moscow city center).

Do you have questions? Find the answers here or contact us via feedback form.

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