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High-speed train "Allegro"

Branded train Allegro

Allegro train is operating between St. Petersburg and Helsinki on a daily basis, the train operation is in service since 12 December 2010.

The train covers the distance between the cities in only 3.5 hours. Such an efficiency is achieved due to the train speed of up to 220 km / h and because the documents and customs controls take place on board the train.

The interior design is similar to that of an aircraft - comfortable seats, luggage racks above the seats, soft lighting and air-conditioning. Despite the fact that the train reaches high speed, the passengers will not feel it - the train runs very smoothly.

The individual seats are equipped with a folding table, individual lighting, a socket between the seats, place for clothes and footrest.

Train composition consists of 7 cars: one first-class car, five second-class cars and a restaurant-car.

1st class car description:

- 42 seats in a car

- seats location 1 + 2

- leather seats

- self-service area with tea and coffee

- newspapers and magazines

- earphones for listening to the radio


2nd class car description:

-  48-65 seats in a car

- seats location 2 + 2 around the table or 2 seats in a row



The restaurant-car has a capacity of 38 seats. There are also 3 bars for about 12 people. Drinks, cold and hot dishes are available from the menu.

Customs control

Border and customs controls take place on board the train. All passengers must have a valid passport and visas to cross the Russian - Finnish border.

Prior to the border control in the territory of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens are required to fill in a migration card and a customs declaration (if necessary). The documents are available on the train.

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