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Russia - France

Moscow – Nice

The railway communication between Russia and the Côte d'Azur existed from the 19th century but at that time the train left from St. Petersburg. And in 2010, the train restarted its operations on the route Moscow – Nice and vice versa, after a long break of about 100 years!

The legendary train “Moscow – Nice” departs once a week from Belorusskiy train station. Actually, it takes about 53 hours to get to Nice and 55 hours for return. The train departs on Thursday and arrives on Saturday, crossing the distance of 3315 km. From Nice to Moscow, the train departs on Sunday and arrives on Tuesday.

The train composition consists of different car classes: 6 first-class cars, 1 second-class car and 3 luxurious cars with VIP cabins. In the first-class carriage, there are 2 bunk beds and in the 2nd class compartment - three bunk beds (upper, middle and lower beds are located under each other). Each compartment has a small wash basin, one toilet and one shower per car.

There are some restrictions for baggage on the train "Moscow – Nice". The limit is 35 kilos of luggage per adult passenger and 15 kilos - for children up to 12 years. It is allowed to board the train with pets, if a passenger wishes to take a pet on the train (therefore, the passanger is required to book an entire compartment).


                 Luxury Cars (cars # 1-3):


-       compartment with enlarged area;

-       lower sofa bed 120 cm wide and upper bed 90 cm wide

-       one armchair

-       individual bathroom with shower

-       wash basin

-       bio-toilet

-       TV, DVD

-        individual air conditioning

-       wardrobe

-       hygienic kit

-       daily breakfast

-       lounge bar in  the car


1st class Cars (cars #5-10):


-       compatrment for 2 travellers

-       one lower and one upper bunk bed

-       wash basin

-       individual air conditioning

-       one armchair


             2nd  class Cars (car # 4):


-       compartment for 3 travellers

-       lower, middle and upper bunk bed

-       wash basin

-       individual air conditioning

-       one armchair


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