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Branded train "Rossiya"

Branded train “Rossiya” Vladivostok – Moscow – Vladivostok

“Rossiya” train is the most famous branded train operating between Vladivostok and Moscow.

The route of this train is the longest rail passenger route in the world, passing through the territory of one country and crossing by land almost all of Eurasia.

The history of this legendary train is inextricably linked to the history of Siberia and Far East development and the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. In 1916, when the bridge across the Amur River in Khabarovsk was constructed, the direct passenger traffic from Moscow to Vladivostok had finally began.

The history of the "Russia" train began from its maiden voyage on 30 September 1966. The train passes the territory of eight railways and six time zones. Along the train route, it is a nice way to repeat geography: the train runs through 2 continents, 14 regions, 3 edges, 2 republics and connects 90 cities. Passengers can enjoy the views of the most profound and beautiful Lake Baikal.

The exterior colour of the cars had changed periodically. During the Soviet Union era, it was cherry red with large metal letters, later changed to red, crimson and green. Nowadays, the train cars of "Rossiya" are coloured in three Russian flag colours and picture the Russian National Emblem.

The journey from Moscow to Vladivostok takes 143 hours and 20 minutes, from Vladivostok back to the capital - 145 hours and 27 minutes.

Train composition includes:

-       1 first-class carriage SV

-       5 second-class coupe cars

-       2 third-class economy cars

-       1 staff car (with compartment for disabled people)

-       1 restaurant-car

1st class SV car:

-       TV

-       2 beds of 70 cm width and a folding table

-       220V socket

-       key card access to compartment

-       car intendant call button


-       hot meal and drinks – dinner or breakfast at choice

-       bed linen, towels and slippers

-       hygiene and travel kits

-       press

2nd class coupe car:

-       TV

-       220V socket

-       car intendant call button

-       key card access to the compartment

-       4 beds (2 upper and 2 lower beds of 70 cm width, with safety straps, and a folding table)




-       hot meal and drinks – dinner or breakfast at choice

-       bed linen

-       travel set

-       press

For an additional payment, the passengers can order in the restaurant-car:

-       wide selection of hot dishes, appetisers, salads, desserts, hot and soft drinks

-       food delivery to the compartment upon request

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