one way
Round trip
Adult 10+ years
children5-10 yearswith separate place
infants0-4 YearsNo separate place


Can I buy food / drinks on board the train?

As a rule, most trains are equipped with a restaurant car as a separate car. Payments in restaurant cars can be made in Russian rubles or by credit card.

Money refund for order cancellation

Refund by our company is being processed within 2 business days (you will be sent refund confirmation in a separate letter). The refund process duration depends on the rules of payment systems, it usually takes between 5 and 10 days.

Can I book tickets online and pay later?

No, we accept bookings with one-time payment.

What should I do if the payment failed?

Make sure that there are sufficient funds on your credit card. If you are sure that the funds are sufficient, please, contact your bank to find out the details (because sometimes bank may block the payment in accordance to its policy).

If you have followed these recommendations but the problem has not been fixed, please contact our customer support service for details.

Money from the card has been charged, but the order has not been processed. What should I do?

Log in to your account on our web-site, go to "My Orders" section and verify that the order has not been processed.

If you do not see the order, please, contact our customer support service for details.

If I made a mistake when entering personal details, how can I fix it?

If you made a mistake when entering personal details, you need to contact us immediately by phone / via email / online-chat and provide correct information.

If the tickets have already been issued, you have to cancel the exist order and book new tickets.

What is permitted size of luggage?

Each passenger may take for free transportation (it is included in the ticket price) 1 bag weighing no more than 36 kg (for cars with 2-berth compartments (1st class SV - 50 kg)), total size of three dimensions must not exceed 180 cm.

How long prior departure should I be at the train station?

We do recommend you to be at the train station 40 minutes prior departure.

What does e-registration mean?

E-registration allows you to board the train with your passport and home-printed ticket.

E-registration is available for trains running through the territory of Russia and some international trains arriving at / departing from Russia.

When you book tickets on our website, e-registration is completed automatically.

How should I use my train ticket?

Most train tickets in Russia are electronic tickets. You only need to print the tickets on a standard printer (at home or in the hotel you are staying) and show printed tickets and your passport to the car attendant when boarding the train.

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