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Making a reservation

When will I receive my tickets?

If you book your train tickets more than 89 days prior departure, the tickets will be issued 89 days before travel date. If you book your train tickets less than 89 days prior departure, the tickets will be issued within 1 working day and sent via email.

How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?

You will see the page with confirmation message and number of your order in the system once the booking process is completed. You will be sent a letter with request to set a password in order to access the client area on the web-site, where you will have access to orders, paid invoices, account information, cancellation services.

How should I use my train ticket?

Most train tickets in Russia are electronic tickets. You only need to print the tickets on a standard printer (at home or in the hotel you are staying) and show printed tickets and your passport to the car attendant when boarding the train.

What does e-registration mean?

E-registration allows you to board the train with your passport and home-printed ticket.

E-registration is available for trains running through the territory of Russia and some international trains arriving at / departing from Russia.

When you book tickets on our website, e-registration is completed automatically.

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