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St. Petersburg train stations
St. Petersburg train stations

Station Route Address Moskovsky Station (Sankt-Peterburg Glavny) Moscow, Murmansk, Novgorod Nevsky prospekt 85, St. Petersburg Vitebsky Station Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), Ukraine (Kiev), Belarus (Minsk) Zagorodniy prospekt 52, St. Petersburg Ladozhsky Station Misc routes Zanevskiy prospekt 73, St. Petersburg Finlandsky Station Finland (Helsinki) Lenina sq. 6, St. Petersburg Baltiisky Station Towns around St. Petersburg Nab. Obvodnogo

Train and Carriage Classes
Train and Carriage Classes

Branded train On branded trains passengers are offered a high level of service and wide range of options. On board of this train type you will find individually decorated and modern cars. As a rule, train composition includes 1st class SV cars (compartment for 2 travelers), 2nd class kupe cars (compartment for 4 travelers) and 3rd class plazcart cars (common car for about 36 travelers), restaurant car with national dishes in the menu. High-speed trains Trains of this type can reach speed above normal high speed of standard trains: above 140 km

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