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Ostankino TV tower in Moscow - one of the tallest structures in the world

Ostankino Tower in Moscow

Ostankino Tower is an architectural monument of the grandeur of the Soviet era. It became one of the main symbols of Moscow. Its image is placed on numerous postcards and souvenirs. It was the tallest building in the world between 1967 and 1974.

Address, opening hours and rules for visiting Ostankino tower

Address: Academic Korolev street, 15, building 2.

The most convenient way is by metro, leaving at the station "VDNKh".

Opening hours are  from 10.00 to 23.00. Tickets are available for purchase from 09.15 to 21.55.

Currently, children under 6 years old and people with limited mobility cannot climb to the observation deck.

Please note that every visitor must present an identity document in order to enter Ostankino tower.

Brief historical background

Construction of Ostankino TV Tower

It is believed that the birthday of the Soviet television is December 31, 1938. Starting from this date, a regular broadcast of one (!) program began in Moscow and Moscow Region.

In 1953, a group of specialists came up with an initiative to build a new television center in Moscow with an antenna of at least 500 meters high and a radius of action 120 km. The proposal was approved by the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Initially a plot for construction was allocated in another place - in the south-west of Moscow in the modern district "Cheryomushki" but in 1959 the site was moved to Ostankino. The legendary Soviet architect Nikolai Vasilyevich Nikitin was appointed the chief designer.

The construction of Ostankino TV tower lasted from 1959 to 1967. Although the tower was commissioned in November 1967, construction work continued for more than a year.

The height of Ostankino TV tower was 540 meters - it was the tallest building in the world at that time.

Interesting facts about Ostankino tower

Ostankino tower interesting facts

  • Chief Designer Nikolay Nikitin came up with the structure of the tower in just one night;
  • Ostankino TV tower - the first television tower built from reinforced concrete and not from metal structures;
  • When designing the TV tower, more than 40 scientific designers participated in the creation of the project;
  • The weight of the tower itself is 32,000 tons and together with the foundation is more than 55,000 tons;
  • The depth of the tower's foundation is less than 5 meters. An interesting fact is that the stability of the tower is achieved due to the main weight which is concentrated in the lower wide part of the structure;
  • The height of the tower corresponds to the height of a 180-story building although the tower has only 45 floors;
  • There are several observation decks on Ostankino tower. The most famous are at an altitude of 337 meters (glazed area) and at an altitude of 340 meters (open area);
  • With low cloud cover there is no reason to climb the upper viewing platforms - you will not see a panoramic view. In this case, we recommend climbing to the observation deck at a height of 269 and 147 meters;
  • More than 10 million people visited it during the existence of the tower;
  • The total area of ​​the premises is 70,000 square meters;
  • Ostankino TV tower was the tallest building in the world for about 10 years. Now it occupies the sixth position, still remaining the tallest building in Europe;
  • The design project allows the tower top to deviate from a vertical position by 14 meters. The maximum fixed deviation was 6 meters at the moment;
  • It is believed that the tower can begin to collapse only at a wind speed of 42.6 meters per second. There were no such impulses in Moscow for the entire time of observation;
  • With the development of technology, high television towers are still in demand. An example is Tokyo Skytree TV Tower, 634 meters high;
  • Sun exposure is more dangerous than wind for Ostankino TV tower - the expansion of metal structures from unilateral heating leads to a 2-meter deviation of the tip.

What to see when visiting Ostankino TV tower

One of the main attractions is the restaurant "7th Heaven"

Ostankino Tower Restaurant 7th Heaven

It occupies 3 floors and is located at an altitude of 328-334 meters which is the level of 110-112 floors. Each floor rotates around its axis in 40 minutes.

There is a restaurant at 328 meters, a cafe at 331 meters and a coffee shop at 334 meters.

Observation deck at an altitude of 337 meters

Observation deck Ostankino Tower

Visitors are offered a lift with a high-speed elevator, an overview of the circular panorama (visibility up to 70 km in good weather) from a height of 337 meters; there are sections with a transparent floor on the site.

Tour “Inside Tower”

If you want to see the tower from the inside, choose an excursion with a rise to the technical level (height 85 meters). The tour includes an overview of the inside of the tower, a story about the design of the TV tower  as well as a visit to the observation deck at 337 meters.


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